摘要: MR体检车的检查室有比较强的磁场,它成像原理有特殊性。确保体检降低辐射。首先需要告诉医护人员,体内有金属材质的置换物、植入物、药泵或
The examination room of MR examination vehicle has a relatively strong magnetic field, and its imaging principle has particularity. Ensure physical examination to reduce radiation. First of all, we need to tell the medical staff that there are metal substitutes, implants, drug pumps or foreign bodies in the body. Within 3 months of pregnancy, we need the instrument to maintain vital signs. Patients with external or built-in objects and artificial joints: whether they are equipped with cardiac pacemaker. It is not recommended to check on the MR physical examination vehicle. If necessary, they shall be accompanied by their family members and then checked after the town; Inform the applicant doctor and ask him to judge whether the enterprise materials can be examined; Infants and young children, patients who are unconscious or other patients who are unable to cooperate due to the analysis of causes without any problems: after falling asleep, family members and accompanying personnel shall supervise and inspect; Claustrophobic patients: there are red / yellow eye-catching signs in the MR examination area. Follow the medical instructions and do not bring any metal items, mobile phones and other electronic items in the inspection area.
Before the door-to-door inspection of Mr physical examination car, there shall be no metal objects, mobile phones, watches, lighters, glasses, belts, bras with metal rings, etc. Inform the technician of the parts to be inspected. Take good care of your valuables. When the light is on, it means that a patient is undergoing examination. Do not open the door without authorization. The scanning time is long, with an average time of 10-30 minutes. According to the different examination parts,